Microblading Courses FAQ

How much does the class cost?

The Certification Fee cost is $2150.

Do you have any payment plans?

Yes! We have 2 types of payment plans.

  1. Make a $500 deposit now, then pay off the balance before taking the course.
  2. Make a $500 deposit and arrange a payment plan with us.  Your balance will need to be paid off on or before your course start date.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes! If you are not confident after taking our course, you are welcome to take the class again for FREE!

Do you offer support?

Yes! All of our classes are backed with lifetime support. We offer support by email, text, and facetime. Our goal is to help you succeed.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Not as of right now. We are currently working on a student loan program.

Is a 1 day course enough to learn how to microblade?

After many hours spent on perfecting the perfect academy, our team has found that most people do not have the time to do multiple days in a classroom setting.  Our course is structured to teach you hands on everything you need to know to be confident in starting your new venture.  ALSO, our instructor/student ratio is 1 instructor/assistant to every 4 students.  More support than any other company!

Our course is a 3-part course:
  1. Microblading Academy, Inc. ‘Part I’ includes online training at your own home and on your own time.  Also, the Blood Bourn Pathogen certification course must be taken prior to the class and certificate must be brought to the class.
  2. ‘Part II’ is a 1 FULL LIVE DAY Microblading Certification Course which is more than 7 hours HANDS ON TRAINING. Our course offers more of a ‘workshop’ atmosphere than classroom style.  Our mission is to be sure you are completely comfortable with microblading, designing, color coordinating and depth of inserting into the dermis of different skin colors, textures and oily/dry skin types.  Our class allows maximum practice time with up to 3 live models. Most 3 and 5 days courses from other schools only get you 1 model and the instructor/student ratio is more like 10 to 1.
  3. Lifetime support for all certified students that graduate from our program.  You can call, text, facetime, email or come in to meet with one of our lead instructors with questions you may have regarding your client, setting up your business, health department issues or just building your clientele.

We have received amazing feedback from students when we email our post course survey after each class and students and have found that few to none feel they needed more than one day of hands on training.  For those that wanted more support are more than ecstatic with our post training support as well.  Our staff at Microblading Academy, Inc have a passion for microblading and are a talented, fun team to work with.  We look forward to meeting and working with you.

How big is the class size?

There is 1 instructor and an assistant for every 2 students.  The highest instructor/student ratio of any microblading certification course.

Do I need any special licenses or experience to take this class?

No beauty industry experience or cosmetology license is needed. You must be 18 years of age and have the bloodborne pathogens certificate.  (We will provide the resources on where to get your bloodborne pathogens certificate).

How soon can I start Microblading after I take the course

Immediately! Many of our students have been booking clients immediately after taking our course. In addition many of our students are getting booked weeks out in advance. Microblading is the hottest beauty trend to hit the U.S. in decades.

What will I learn in one day?

You will learn all aspects of basic and advanced microblading techniques. This includes shading, tattooed eyebrow correction, different facial structures and advanced hair-stroke techniques. You will also learn about health regulations, starting your microblading business, and how to attract new clients on Instagram and Facebook.

What's included in this course?

The course comes with a deluxe microblading kit complete with pigments, blades, numbing creme, practice skins, and supplies for up to 15 clients. We also provide you with lunch.

What's the address to your training events?

It depends on the actual class size. We send out the final address 5 days before the class start date. Don’t worry about how many students will be at the course. We assign our students into learning teams with 1 instructor for every 4 students. We want to make sure that you get the maximum amount of attention while getting the most out of your learning experience.

Enseñan en Español?

Si! Los instructors son fluente en español. Mándenos un mensaje en Facebook o telephono para hablar con los represetnantes en español.

Is the course tax deductible?

Yes, either as a tuition or as a business startup cost. You will need to file your taxes with a form 1040.

How many models do I get to practice on?

Our competition only guarantees 1 model per student. Even with the 3 and 5 day courses.

At Microblading Academy Inc.  you get the opportunity to practice on up to 2 or 3 live models with an expert shadowing your every move. Compare this to other microblading schools who only give you 1 model.

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