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Christine Grennier, founder of Microblading Academy, Inc, has been an entrepreneur for over 35 years and has a clear vision of top industries.  Her business experience includes real estate investments, Nextel cell phone indirect dealer, Tutors and Nannies agency, Coast to Coast Tax Relief, and currently the Director of Operations at Grennier Law and is the owner of Silver Strand Salon and owner/CEO of Microblading Academy, Inc. since 2016.  Microblading was a new concept to USA, and her vision exploded during its infancy and she took that and became the leading microblading artist and academy in the USA.  She is currently teaching in 8 major US cities and holds classes every weekend. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is her relatively newer course which she started in 2017 to help folks with thinning scalp hair, alopecia and hair loss with the new technique of implementing ultra-fine tattoo like dots to replicate hair follicles, non-surgically. Her passion in helping women and men improve their confidence, physical appearance and self-esteem informs her love for the business.  Christine and her academy volunteers their time and offers free procedures for Cancer Patients.

Christine has innovated a one-day course for the ‘busy’ lifestyles that most fall into.  This one-day Microblading Brows & Scalp Micropigmentation course offers up to 3 models. Her method is focused for those that learn best with hands on training and prefer this over the long ‘lecture style’ classes.  You will learn about the pigment colors, the depth to go, different brow shapes, skin types, mapping/measuring and more.  This allows you to come to as many classes to work behind an instructor.  Additionally, you will have constant contact with the staff at Microblading Academy, Inc for a lifetime.  Many graduates have found Christine to be well informed about all aspects of the business. Once you graduate from Microblading Academy, Inc you are a part of her ‘TEAM’. 

Salena Sorenson
Salena Sorenson Instructor LA
Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee Instructor LA & Bakersfield
Tish Oliver
Tish Oliver Instructor LA & Ventura
Tonia Silva
Tonia Silva Instructor San Diego
Nancy Thompson
Nancy Thompson Instructor Raleigh & Charlotte, NC
Beverly Casas
Beverly Casas Instructor Bay Area
Su Crawford
Su Crawford Instructor and Corporate Office Manager
Giovanna Chavez
Giovanna Chavez Instructor Sacramento

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