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Areola Tattoo Training Course

(Permanent Makeup Course)

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Our Advanced 3D Areola Tattooing and Scar Camouflage training course includes color theory, color selection, needle selection and techniques that allow the professional to create the illusion of a more extended nipple. We aim to spread professional knowledge of medical tattooing for post-mastectomy breast cancer survivors. Areola Restoration, a specialized type of paramedical tattooing also known as Areola Re-pigmentation, Areola Reconstruction, Areola Cosmetic Tattooing and Areola Micro-pigmentation. Good for both women and men who have undergone breast surgery. Areola Restoration techniques can reproduce an areola after breast reconstruction, minimize scars and restore a more natural shape and color.

Areola, March 16th, Bakersfield CA

Areola, March 26th, Raleigh NC

Areola, March 30th, Inland Empire CA

Areola, March 30th, Bay Area CA

Areola-April 4th, Los Angeles CA
Areola-April 18th, Raleigh NC
Areola- May 3rd, Los Angeles CA
Areola – May 9th, Ventura CA
Areola – May 16th, San Diego CA
Areola – May 30th, Los Angeles CA
Areola- June 13th, Los Angeles CA
Areola- June 20th, Ventura CA
Areola – June 27th, Raleigh NC
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