Microblading Brows Event

Reduced rate to $2150.00.

Limited time offered. Reserve your spot with a $500 deposit.

Balance MUST be paid one week in advance or you may lose your seat. Deluxe Kit included.

3D Eyebrow Microblading Course Certificate Classes

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MBA-March 22nd, Ventura CA

MBA-March 29th, Bay Area CA

MBA-March 29th, Inland Empire CA

MBA-March 22nd, Raleigh NC

MBA- April 5th, Sacramento CA
MBA-April 5th, Los Angeles CA
MBA-April 12th, San Diego CA
MBA-April 12th, Ventura CA
MBA-April 19th, Raleigh NC
MBA-April 19th, Bay Area CA
MBA-April 26th, Inland Empire CA
MBA- May 3rd Sacramento CA
MBA- May 10th Bay Area CA
MBA- May 10th Ventura CA
MBA- May 17th, Inland Empire CA
MBA- May 17th, San Diego CA
MBA- May 24th, Raleigh NC
MBA- May31st, Los Angeles CA
MBA – May31st, Sacramento CA
MBA- June 7th Bay Area CA
MBA- June 7th San Diego CA
MBA – June 14th, Inland Empire CA
MBA-June 14th, San Diego CA
MBA- June 21st, Sacramento CA
MBA- June 21st, Ventura CA
MBA- June 28th, Raleigh NC
MBA – June 28th, San Diego CA
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