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  • Me interesa el curso...información xf

    Lina Serna Avatar
    Lina Serna

    Just graduated, wow, what an intensive. I was personally instructed by Christine on live models. Education was well organized and very informative. I'm still being instructed through their 6 month follow up. They also covered the business of starting a career and social media marketing which is much needed for me. I'm well on my way.

    Susan Gilman Avatar
    Susan Gilman

    I searched for a place to get certified FOREVER before finding this academy, it is the best! Even after I graduated I had endless resources given to me by the staff on how I can triple my income! Thank you Microblading Academy!!!

    Kristina Herrera Avatar
    Kristina Herrera
  • 5 star ratingIn love with this Academy! They will show you every step you will need to learn in order to have a successful career in microblading. The staff is friendly and nice and everyone is so welcoming. They give you every tool you will need. The best part about this academy is that the support doesn't end when school does the staff is there after you graduate too. The teaching style is fantastic super hands on with a lot of visuals. If your thinking about going to academy go to this one! Best experience by far.

    Giovanna C. Avatar
    Giovanna C.

    5 star ratingAwesome course, which left me feeling confident and inspired!!  They had an incredible set up for us at the Marriot in Woodland Hills, which was really nice and close by for me... (not having to drive too far for an all day event was such a relief!).  We were treated with individual attention and hands-on training that provided encouragement and support from the start.  Best of all, the academy is available for guidance even after the course is complete.  I am so excited to be offering this creative, highly demanded, rewarding service to my skin care menu.

    Sheila H. Avatar
    Sheila H.

    5 star ratingHad a great training day with microblading academy!! So happy with the class and all I learned and loved the price and only having it be a one day class!

    Erin P. Avatar
    Erin P.

“Christine is an outstanding instructor. She is affable, incredibly patient, truly thorough, and completely invested in the success of her students. Christine’s work ethic is unmatched and her desire to help others achieve their goals of making a difference in the lives of others, is undoubtedly an authentic passion of hers. I recommend Christine and the Microblading Academy Inc to anyone who is ready to change their life.

Pauline Batiste

“I recommend Microblading Academy to anyone interested in learning how to microblade. My experience from beginning to end was exceptional. From the time I registered to the time I completed the class I felt encouraged. The friendly staff answered all of my questions and concerns prior to taking the class , Su especially was amazing! My instructor was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging. I got hands on experience with 3 models which built my confidence in microblading. The instructor shared her strategy for success and withing 24 hrs I had booked my 1st client. I ‘m so excited bc I know my life is about to change. Thank you Microblading Academy for being the catalyst for my leveling up!!

Safiya Nelson

“Who have you empowered today? Today I was empowered by some amazing Microblading instructors who took the time to share their knowledge & best practices with me and another Microblading student. This information can change someone’s life, create an entrepreneur, or supplement someone’s income. I salute women who empower other women women to levelup for themselves and for their families. Much love and deep appreciation goes out to the microblading academy for all The lives & families they have impacted, including mine.



“ Loved the class very supportive and hands on training! Answered all my questions and let me record whatever I wanted for future reference. Offers after support and great ways to build my business ! Great attitudes and overall great experience.”

Sav Padgeyt 

“I can’t thank you and your staff enough for such a wonderful class! It was an intense day but I’m so excited about microblading! All of the staff were very nice and extremely helpful! I loved that everyone was doing each other’s brows at the end—a BIG thank you to Christine for fixing mine ? I would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in getting into microblading. I was wondering when we will be hearing about the touch up session with our models? ”

Shannon Springer

“ Loved my experience with Su!! She was very encouraging and stood by my side through the whole training!

Audrey Romero

“Hi Christine thanks again for coming this weekend! I absolutely loved the class. Straight forward and exactly what I was looking for! IF you’re ever in Wilmington let me know, I’d love to treat you to a spa day. Keep in touch.”


“ Microblading Academy is one of the most reputable and trusted! Allee she did really excellent job with the training. I learn a lot. Highly recommended!!! “

Derrik Dam

“ I just took this class in Raleigh, NC and I LOVED IT! I was nervous at first, thinking, how can I learn this art in 1 day?!?! Well Christine, Su, and Bob are amazing! They get to the point and teach you the proper ways and make you feel so comfortable! And the best part was we got to practice on 2 lives clients! And so crazy, I felt so comfortable!! They are so sweet and helpful and will be there for each of their students after graduation forever If we need help or have any questions with anything. I highly recommend them to get your microblading business started!!! 5 Stars for sure! Id give 10 if it went that high!!!!! 

 Sara Uzzell

“Tonia was my instructor and she was amazing! First time microblading for me and she made it very comfortable and walked me through every step. Never left my side and gave me so much motivation. I can’t wait to start my journey. Love love love The Microblading Academy!!


Laura L.

“Thank you Christine, you and the other student instructors did a wonderful job.. I left feeling confident and ready to start this new venture in my life. I have already booked 8 ladies for this week I am off on Thursday and Friday so I am booked for both days. I am also scheduling for next week. Thank you. I am also excited to start getting my business cards and my needed info to get registered here in Merced County. I am so grateful that you all shared with us your experience and wisdom.
Looking forward in greatness ahead.

Maria Marrero

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