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      Just finished taking the class in Bakersfield today & I couldn't be more excited! I felt like they did an awesome job teaching and the instructors were very hands on and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable in this class and would definitely recommend it!

    thumb Amanda R.

      I received training for microblading from Rachel and Joshua and I can say confidently that I'm ready to dive in and do as many clients as possible. Everything is broken down very simply and they're very attentive, patient and more than willing to help every step of the way. I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking to be certified.

    thumb Lindsey L.

      I took their Microblading course in LA and i was so pleased with their work ethic and their teaching. Not only are they amazing at what they do, they are the most friendly women ever! My instructors Allee, and Jo Ann were great! Very helpful and answered my 101 questions. I drove up here from San Diego for this course and I am so grateful that I did 🙂 thank you Microblading Academy! You Rock!

    thumb Desi P.

      Awesome course, which left me feeling confident and inspired!!  They had an incredible set up for us at the Marriot in Woodland Hills, which was really nice and close by for me... (not having to drive too far for an all day event was such a relief!).  We were treated with individual attention and hands-on training that provided encouragement and support from the start.  Best of all, the academy is available for guidance even after the course is complete.  I am so excited to be offering this creative, highly demanded, rewarding service to my skin care menu.

    thumb Sheila H.

      This review is specifically directed towards the trainer Josh. I took this course 3 months ago. I have microbladed 15 people so far.
    There is so much information out there in this new procedure, and I honestly found myself confused and frustrated comparing all information after I finished with this course.

    My background:
    10 years in the beauty industry
    Esthetician licensed
    Worked for 8 years at the Benefit Cosmetics brow bar managing the Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks location. I have shaped and mapped thousands and thousands of customers brows.
    I had the opportunity to train every new esthetician in the north Los Angeles area how to shape Brows and keep customers coming back.
    Opened my own business Beauty & the Brows in Thousand Oaks 6 months ago.
    I am a perfectionist.
    Also, I went through about 25 benefit training courses which were extremely thorough.

    I found this course mediocre for what I wanted to get out of it. Very basic. Everyone is different in the way they learn, I want all the honest facts. Honesty is the best policy. This review is my honest opinion.
    I read on their website before I signed up, I would 'MASTER' the Microblading technique, as long as I put into practice their methods.

    After I took this course, I had to do a ton of research on different methods in the industry.
    People tell me all the time not to over complicate things and just stick with the basics. I am cutting someone's face open where there is blood and possibly infections or possible pissed off clients, if you don't know what your doing.
    I am in the industry to please people. Of course, for my clients, I am going to go above and beyond. I love them. It's my passion, and it's not JUST about money to me. They are my friends. No way I could charge someone $700 without knowing every aspect of this procedure, and at least a year experience.

    3 months after I took the course, and multiple visit to the trainers office in Ventura describing my difficulty, I agreed to bring a model into another training session so one of her co-trainers could guide me through the process. I was very impressed with Josh. He seemed to know what he was doing and finally someone that understood what I was saying! He is a perfectionist like me. He worked at Benefit like me. I finally made a brow that looked more decent than the ones I previously have done. I know he is very knowledgeable about this industry so I got his number and I'm going to keep in touch with him.

    Fact is, you NEED to show a Microblading certificate and bloodbourne pathogen certificate in order to get Liability Insurance & your Tattoo Artist License. So this is your first step. I admit honestly, I took this course because it was the cheapest I could find, and opening my business this year, I was in over my head.

    Again, this is my personal opinion. Some people are super satisfied with the course and have no complaints. I personally needed more training than just one day. Thank you Josh for all your help! Make sure you ask him to watch over you when you do your first model because it's scary. He was extremely professional and will be able to answer all of your questions.

    Also, just to prepare you, and I wish someone told me this, they don't tell you in this course, if you do Microblading be prepared to shell out a ton of money.

    Microblading course $2,600
    Permanent makeup insurance $800 a year
    Health department inspection $900
    Health permit $450 a year
    Microblading supplies $500 starting
    Tattoo artist license: $170
    Rent for my salon suite $1,200 a month  
    Total just to start: $6,600

    Luckily in my salon suites there are 7 other microbladers and we all went in on the cost of the health inspection. So if you are lucky enough to work in a place where they already have a permit to do it, I would go there! Maybe a tattoo shop.

    Hope this review was helpful. I want to help my fellow beauticians or Microblading hopefuls out there to really know what you are getting yourself into. Possible income is amazing. Now that Josh helped me and will continue to help me I am more confident and will be able to pay off my debt in the next 6 months. After a year experience and tons of before and after pictures, you will be able to charge top dollar and bring in a great income without working so many hours:)

    thumb Jessica N.

      I was so excited to be part of this class the instructors Rachel and Joshua were amazing, I left confident and ready to go, they have everything you need so that you can start microblading the next day! Thank you so much!!

    thumb Julissa P.

      I am soo happy that I finally had the guts to take this course. It was so interesting to learn this new service, and even though it was a one day course. I feel like I have alot of knowledge to get myself going. The instructors were easy to approach and would do anything to get you the correct answer. Good luck to you all that attend this course. You are going to love it!

    thumb Jasmine M.

      I took the Microblading course and became certified at the Camarillo class on Sunday. I had been looking for a place to train at that was close to home, because having to travel far was not ideal, especially after becoming a new mom this year. The Certification class is only for one long day, but I like that follow up is a continuation for months to come. That make me feel at ease knowing that it technically isn't just one day training. I got some guidance from Wendy, Josh, & Christine. They were very encouraging and gave positive motivation during the Microblading procedures. My models were excited and left happy with their new eyebrows. The results were beautiful and natural looking! One of my models that originally had no hair, left with tears of joy, being so happy to finally have beautiful natural looking brows!
    It's a touching experience to be able to help someone feel beautiful!
    I'm so excited to add this new service to my client in my business at SJ Studio Salon & Spa!

    thumb Season B.

      I took their training class in Camarillo, Ca. and All of the instructors were amazing. I walked out of there with my Certification in Microblading and started to work immediately!! I highly recommend this academy. You don't have to pay a way more expensive Academy to get the best Training because it's here at Microblading Academy that you'll find what you need. Ask for Christine Grennier the Owner/Instructor and tell her Nancy Cota referred you. God bless you

    thumb Nancy C.

      Received my hands on training and certificate today! It was a jam packed day but I love that they put you right in it (with instructors, in small groups) right from the start. I still need my permit and completed inspection but I'll be practicing in the mean time! The owner and her husband as well as the entire staff (even her assistant Jo Ann) truly care about each artists success in this field. Prior to choosing Microblading Academy, I shopped around, and I'm so glad I moved forward with MBA. Super professional and thorough! (Team Jamaica/Wendy!)

    thumb Kristi B.

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    thumb Sheila Heffels


    thumb Isadora Mantovani Rosa

      In love with this Academy! They will show you every step you will need to learn in order to have a successful career in microblading. The staff is friendly and nice and everyone is so welcoming. They give you every tool you will need. The best part about this academy is that the support doesn't end when school does the staff is there after you graduate too. The teaching style is fantastic super hands on with a lot of visuals. If your thinking about going to academy go to this one! Best experience by far.

    thumb Giovanna Chavez


    thumb Jill Barginear Getz

      Such an amazing experience with friendly, knowledgeable instructors that helped every step of the way. I have always wanted to try this and I am so pleased that I did. Made such a difference to my brows that I never thought was possible, thank you Microblading Academy!!!

    thumb Elishia Jacinto

      I am so excited about Microblading. This is the best thing I've ever run across, and those that know me, I've run into many different types of opportunities. Allee is awesome, the best microblading instructor bar none. No joke, you can triple or quadruple your income!

    thumb Christine Tatsui Grennier

      Me interesa el curso...información xf

    thumb Lina Serna

      I recently took the Microblading Academy training course in San Diego and I had such an amazing experience. I was very impressed with this program and all the awesome instructors/staff. They were all very knowledgable about the beauty industry and the background of Microblading where they incorporated all of the techniques they use in order to build an exceptional business. Being an Esthetician and working in the industry for 7 years now, this course exceeded my expectations. They encouraged me to get started right away with my business and grow as an Esthetician. I'm glad to be able to add to the list of my credentials! I also appreciated the fact that this course was a one day training session. The other courses I looked into were a little extensive and I don't have a lot of time to spare for a course like that. So thank you Microblading Academy for being so convenient and well worth it!!!

    thumb Mary Ann Madarang

      I searched for a place to get certified FOREVER before finding this academy, it is the best! Even after I graduated I had endless resources given to me by the staff on how I can triple my income! Thank you Microblading Academy!!!

    thumb Kristina Herrera


    thumb Jo Ann Herrera

Student Testimonials

“Thank you Christine, you and the other student instructors did a wonderful job.. I left feeling confident and ready to start this new venture in my life. I have already booked 8 ladies for this week I am off on Thursday and Friday so I am booked for both days. I am also scheduling for next week. Thank you. I am also excited to start getting my business cards and my needed info to get registered here in Merced County. I am so grateful that you all shared with us your experience and wisdom.
Looking forward in greatness ahead.

Maria Marrero

“Good Morning Jo Ann! I just wanted to let you know I had an amazing experience yesterday at the Microblading event. I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows!!! I’m so glad I waited for the right time to get my eyebrows done. Definitely worth the long wait. Rachel and Schyler were super amazing! Nothing but good vibes from that pair. They were so much fun to around with. So much that I would like to put in a request for Rachel to come back and teach the touch up on me! Have a blessed day 🙂 Thanks a million,”

Liz McKinley

“I can’t thank you and your staff enough for such a wonderful class! It was an intense day but I’m so excited about microblading! All of the staff were very nice and extremely helpful! I loved that everyone was doing each other’s brows at the end—a BIG thank you to Christine for fixing mine 😊 I would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in getting into microblading. I was wondering when we will be hearing about the touch up session with our models? ”

Shannon Springer

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