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5 star ratingJust finished taking the class in Bakersfield today & I couldn't be more excited! I felt like they did an awesome job teaching and the instructors were very hands on and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable in this class and would definitely recommend it!

Amanda R. Avatar Amanda R.

Me interesa el curso...información xf

Lina Serna Avatar Lina Serna

5 star ratingGreat course! The instructors Allee and Rachel are very detailed and informative. They are very hands on with the practice session and give you the one on one guidance. Highly recommend this course if you are looking for excellent instruction you need and give you the confidence to start microblading today. JoAnn is also great at answering any of the questions regarding the course.

Linda H. Avatar Linda H.

5 star ratingThis course was perfect for me, super knowledgeable instructors and staff. I loved that it was so hands on and feel super prepared to take what I've learned and run with it! Gabby was AMAZING and I feel very lucky to have had her as my instructor, this course is worth every penny

Carolina D. Avatar Carolina D.

Sheila Heffels Avatar Sheila Heffels

5 star ratingThis is my favorite microbleding academy. The instructor Rachel and Christian so carrying they help you lots each student. I love  that place.

Khushbu P. Avatar Khushbu P.

1 star ratingThis academy is a huge SCAM and they bribe you to make good Yelp reviews by giving you free product at the end of the class.

I do not recommend this course to anybody that wants to be successful in this industry. If you want to struggle and end up paying more money for better training, just know that I warned you. I have never written a bad review on any business, but I need to let my fellow beauticians have an honest review.

I graduated this course 9 months ago. I have microbladed about 30 clients so far. I have almost 10 years in the beauty industry and own my own business.

I work in a salon suite setting where there are other Microblading artists who went to different (more knowledgeable) courses than his one. Wow, did I make a bad  decision.

If I could go back in time, I would have researched and shelled out the $6k and taken a reputable course, but when I signed up almost a year ago, this academy was almost brand new, it only had two 5 star reviews at the time.

This course is laughable!! The trainer did not know how to even draw an eyebrow. How do they get away with charging thousands of dollars for this??

They bribe these poor students with product to write good yelp reviews.

If you struggle after the course, (which you will), they just have you retake the SAME course!!! What??? I learned more with an hour online on YouTube, than I learned in that whole day.

Many times I went to Christine's office telling her I don't have enough information to do this procedure, I need to apprentice and watch it being done. She said 'don't worry, your good! Don't listen to the haters' What??? When I told her I felt her training was sub par, she told me I was being negative.

My clients are paying $400-$700 for this service.

I have also talked to many students who have taken this course, and they were all very unhappy and have all gone to further training courses at different locations.

If you want to save your precious time and your hard earned money DO NOT take this course. End of story.

I hope I helped all you hopefuls out there! Stay away.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jessica N. Avatar Jessica N.

5 star ratingI had my eyebrows done by Microblading Academy. I love my eyebrows! I totally recommend them for anybody interested in taking the course. I also recommend it to people interested in getting their eyebrows done. The instructors were amazing! If I could I would give them more stars

Liz M. Avatar Liz M.

5 star ratingI took their Microblading course in LA and i was so pleased with their work ethic and their teaching. Not only are they amazing at what they do, they are the most friendly women ever! My instructors Allee, and Jo Ann were great! Very helpful and answered my 101 questions. I drove up here from San Diego for this course and I am so grateful that I did 🙂 thank you Microblading Academy! You Rock!

Desi P. Avatar Desi P.

5 star ratingI am soo happy that I finally had the guts to take this course. It was so interesting to learn this new service, and even though it was a one day course. I feel like I have alot of knowledge to get myself going. The instructors were easy to approach and would do anything to get you the correct answer. Good luck to you all that attend this course. You are going to love it!

Jasmine M. Avatar Jasmine M.

Student Testimonials

“Thank you Christine, you and the other student instructors did a wonderful job.. I left feeling confident and ready to start this new venture in my life. I have already booked 8 ladies for this week I am off on Thursday and Friday so I am booked for both days. I am also scheduling for next week. Thank you. I am also excited to start getting my business cards and my needed info to get registered here in Merced County. I am so grateful that you all shared with us your experience and wisdom.
Looking forward in greatness ahead.

Maria Marrero

“Good Morning Jo Ann! I just wanted to let you know I had an amazing experience yesterday at the Microblading event. I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows!!! I’m so glad I waited for the right time to get my eyebrows done. Definitely worth the long wait. Rachel and Schyler were super amazing! Nothing but good vibes from that pair. They were so much fun to around with. So much that I would like to put in a request for Rachel to come back and teach the touch up on me! Have a blessed day 🙂 Thanks a million,”

Liz McKinley

“I can’t thank you and your staff enough for such a wonderful class! It was an intense day but I’m so excited about microblading! All of the staff were very nice and extremely helpful! I loved that everyone was doing each other’s brows at the end—a BIG thank you to Christine for fixing mine 😊 I would definitely recommend this class to anyone interested in getting into microblading. I was wondering when we will be hearing about the touch up session with our models? ”

Shannon Springer

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